Safe Quality Foods is Job #1

Nothing is more important to Fresh Creative Foods than food safety.  Producing safe quality foods is our first priority.  We take the responsibility of producing safe high quality products for millions of families very seriously. 

Our trained and dedicated staff in the department of Quality Assurance has a critical role in the monitoring and training of our production staff.  From receipt of approved raw materials to shipping of our finished products, our food safety and quality programs are verified by these key employees. 

Every process and every piece of equipment in our plant is rigorously cleaned, tested, and scrupulously inspected to the highest standards of food safety assurance in United States.

A team approach from beginning to end

Streamlining new product ideas into reality in our production facilities is a team effort. Our management team is integrated to ensure buy-in and adoption of our Food Safety Culture. From selection of suppliers, to design and purchase of manufacturing equipment, to execution of daily production, the Quality Assurance and Food Safety team supplies guidance and support.

Regulated and certified

Our facility is regulated by the USDA, FDA, and GFSI.